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Sergi Roberto, from one of the captains of FC Barcelona to transferable – Prensa Libre


Sergi Roberto has had little participation as a starter this season with FC Barcelona. Free Press Photo: Archive

Sergi Roberto has gone from being an untouchable player in the Blaugrana institution, to be considered a transfer, something that would not look so bad for a footballer who has only played 29 games this season.

From Italy it is known that Juventus would be interested in taking over the services of the multipurpose 27 years old, but neither the player, neither his family know nothing about this interestsince the Barsa nothing has been notified to them.

In 2017 Manchester United made an offer of 40 million something similar did the neighboring club of the net, the City, which also performed one of € 35 million and last year Spanish media revealed that the club azulgrana toward ears deaf to an offer of € 65 million for the jugado.

This expectation for becoming the footballer who can play as midfielders or as winger They also have teams from the English league, where they have a good lineup and they assure Barsa there has been a change of opinion compared to other years and They are waiting for it to become official to make the offers for Sergi Roberto.

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