A landmark experiment has opened up a window to some sci-fi future by which babies are created from skin cells.

For that experiment, the researchers began off by creating “parthenogenote” mouse embryos. They are all-female embryos made without sperm by tricking an egg into developing as though it’s been fertilised.

He added: “This is speculative – it’s entirely speculative and whimsical.”

Additionally, it boosts the potential of ethically questionable programs that turn nature on its mind by getting rid of the feminine side of reproduction. Gay men, for example, might have babies with one another, along with a man may even fertilise their own cells to create offspring that contains a combination of genes inherited from him and the parents.

More realistically, the process could allow women whose fertility continues to be easily wiped out by cancer drugs or radiotherapy to obtain their own children. While eggs could be frozen before cancer therapy and then fertilised within an In vitro fertilization treatments clinic, presently nothing can be achieved once they’ve been lost. Conception using sperm and somatic cells would also aid the upkeep of endangered species, because it eliminates the necessity to recover eggs.


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