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School: Cisl, 85 thousand vacant chairs, sos the beginning of the year – Politics


There are 85,150 vacant chairs for the 2020-2021 school year, a real record. Last year there were 64,149. The data are provided by the CISL school.

“We will have a complicated start to the year, looking for alternates, especially in the North, or in the areas most affected by the covid – explains the secretary of the CISL school Maddalena Gissi – We cannot proceed only for competitions, as has been done in the last 4 years, but a recruitment and stabilization procedure is necessary as in the PA and in all working contexts as requested by the European Court of Justice “.

Numbers, which the CISL unionist reiterates, “do not depend on the current minister. It is the effect of unsustainable planning by the Ministry over the past 4 years because, as we have repeatedly stressed, the hiring procedures have not guaranteed the stabilization of precarious staff already in service for years, in fact, also for the hiring of the 100 quota, the absence of full candidates in the exhaustion and competition rankings made it impossible to cover all 4,500 posts authorized by the MEF, reducing more than one thousand units the programmed assumptions “. For Gissi, therefore, “the school, as is the case for the public sector, must identify recruitment formulas that take into account future competitions but also the tens of thousands of pension applications, avoiding leaving hundreds of thousands of alternates the management of the ordinary teaching activity “.


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