Technology Samsung 870 QVO Review - Introduction: up to 8TB

Samsung 870 QVO Review – Introduction: up to 8TB


Almost two years ago, in November 2018, Samsung introduced its 860 QVO series SSDs. Those were Samsung’s first QVO drives, where it has mainly released mlc and later tlc drives so far, although Intel held the scoop of the first consumer qlc drive with the 660p. The promise that qlc entails, the price level of SSDs moving towards that of hard disks, has not yet fully come true. The promise that QLC drives would approach hard drive capacity is. The new Samsung 870 QVO will offer a maximum storage capacity of 8TB.

Now there are hard disks with more storage capacity, but that is at most a factor of two. SSDs are no longer an order of magnitude from magnetic storage. You will have to wait for that 8TB drive from Samsung, because the South Korean company first markets three smaller variants: 1TB, 2TB and 4TB. Once that 8TB drive is available, expected from August or September, Samsung has doubled the capacity of the 860 QVO with the 870 QVO series. But what about the price?

The 860 QVO series had suggested retail prices of 140, 270 and 530 euros when introduced. The price per gigabyte is easier to calculate and was 14 and 13 cents. Those prices have now fallen somewhat, to 10 and 11 cents, but the expected or at least hoped drop to a few cents per gigabyte, as with hard disks that are already available from two cents per gigabyte, has still not been realized. The recommended prices for the 870 QVOs namely, in capacity order, 130, 270, 540 and 970 euros, so still 12 to over 13 cents per gigabyte. We compare the new 870 QVO with the previous series, the 860 QVO, and look for the differences.


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