News RWE invests primarily in green electricity abroad 11/1/20

RWE invests primarily in green electricity abroad 11/1/20


BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – The energy company RWE plans to invest 1.5 billion euros annually in renewable energy systems in the coming years. “Because large projects are usually not developed alone, but with partners, this can correspond to a gross investment of two to three billion euros a year,” said the head of RWE’s Renewable Energy division, Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath, the newspaper “Welt” ” (Saturday). “By 2030 we can double our green portfolio to around 20 to 25 gigawatts,” she added.

The majority of the new plants are to be built abroad. When it comes to producing green electricity, the US “has great potential. The development of renewable energies is based on the individual states.” The second major region for RWE is Europe. In Asia, the focus is on Korea, Taiwan, Japan. In particular, wind farms off the coast should play a role, explained Dotzenrath.

With regard to onshore wind power, RWE currently has “no project under construction in Germany. Part of the reason for this is the lawsuit against residents, but more so than the approval problems due to species protection law issues. In such a situation, we are increasingly exercising options in other countries,” said Managerin./brd/DP/zb



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