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Rick and Morty vs. Big Bang Theory


Granted as Big Bang Theory 2007 saw the light of day, it was an instant hit. The nerdy life around Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hoffstadter and Co. attracted crowds of young people, but also adults in front of the screen and an end of the series seemed far from sight, not to mention a worthy successor. That changed abruptly in 2013 when the first season of Rick and Morty appeared.

Jim Parsons and his Big Bang Theory colleagues

Source: / Jim Parsons and his Big Bang Theory colleagues

While The Big Bang Theory undoubtedly addressed a younger audience Rick and Morty took a different path and served an older audience from the start. Which would be one of the most serious differences between the two series. Where in The Big Bang Theory everything about love affairs, Star Trek, comics and Atomic physics turns – everything packed in super clean, child-friendly jargon – show us the authors of Rick and Morty based on a pronounced gore level and extensive use of the F-word regularly where the hammer hangs. The clean image of The Big Bang Theory is, although understandable, ultimately the reason why Rick and Morty, despite the sometimes hair-raising storylines, has a certain degree of authenticity. After all, we all scold when it has to be. Also nerds.

The famous Big Bang Theory couchThe famous Big Bang Theory couch

Source: / The famous Big Bang Theory couch

Big Bang Theory scores with interpersonal, Rick and Morty with intergalactic shopping tours

Of course they did The Big Bang Theory-Macher provided for years with extremely successful and funny stories that actually get along quite well without fecal storms. Nevertheless, the topics were always the same, albeit at a very demanding, intellectual level. An accusation that one Rick and Morty can’t do with God. Yes, we travel in with them all the time Parallel galaxies and alternative universes through the area, but what the scribes here you can find a wealth of variety The Big Bang Theory or generally in all existing galaxies according to its kind.

Grandpa Rick and grandson Morty take advantage of portal travelGrandpa Rick and grandson Morty take advantage of portal travel

Source: / Grandpa Rick and grandson Morty take advantage of portal travel

Ultimately, it is the anarchic fundamental tone Adult swimIt’s great fun making production. Grandpa RickThe drooling, burping, brilliant head of the family, who drinks his family – and mainly his grandson Rick – with constant new absurd adventures, is not averse to drugs and sexual excess and is morally reprehensible at times. The grandfather and grandson team reminded us quickly Marty McFly and Doc Brown, whereby the latter, of course, were not even allowed to experience nearly hair-raising adventures that are getting on in years Back to the future Actors, above all Michael J. Fox, nowadays given the crazy stories of Rick and Morty should shake their head nervously.

Rick Sanchez likes to show what is going onRick Sanchez likes to show what is going on

Source: / Rick Sanchez likes to show what is going on

While Sheldon and Co. have already said goodbye, crazy grandpa and his grandson are warming up

In a direct comparison, The Big Bang Theory also ask the question whether the authors oppose End of series not a little bit of juice ran out. 281 episodes Firing revolutionary new Kalauer from nerd country leaves traces. Here it has Rick and Morty with previously completed 41 episodes of course, still relatively easy to deliver new material.

So there is still enough opportunity for

Rick and Morty - an uneven teamRick and Morty - an uneven team

Source: / Rick and Morty – an uneven team

Both series have their audience, Rick and Morty clearly for an adult audience

That it is Rick and Morty a drawn series enables unimagined possibilities that The Big Bang Theory could never take advantage of. A real set is a real set. And at some point you got fed up with the yellow “Under Construction” band in front of the elevator. There are basically no limits for Rick and Morty. Whatever an unbelievable hair-raising idea is born, there is always the possibility to illustrate and depict it. In any case, it should be pointed out how incredibly detailed and sometimes scientifically authentic everything comes along.

All things considered Rick and Morty the more successful series alone because the targeted target audience is served. The greatest strength of The Big Bang Theory seems to be the biggest problem at the same time: the storylines are never understood equally by all viewers. After all, not everyone has them 80’s or 90’s witnessed to recognize cultural references to the respective decades as such. Nevertheless is The Big Bang Theory a milestone in TV entertainment, of course, which we enjoyed for many years.

Now it’s up to you Rick and Morty to show where the Bartl gets the must.


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