News Remember! Tomorrow, July 1, 2020 There is a...

Remember! Tomorrow, July 1, 2020 There is a Program to Make SIM Free, Here Are the Requirements

- – The free SIM program will be held on Wednesday (01/07/2020) tomorrow to coincide with the 74th Bhayangkara Day.

This free SIM policy is contained in the Secret Telegram Letter of the National Police Chief General Idham Aziz numbered ST / 1671 / VI / YAN.1.1 / 2020 on June 12, 2020 signed by the National Police Chief of Police, Istiono Inspector General.

Please note, this program applies throughout Indonesia and the community will not be charged for making a SIM with certain requirements.

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“The free service for making SIMs is only for residents who were born on July 1 or coincide with Bhayangkara Day,” said the Head of the Police Public Relations Division, Inspector General of Police Raden Prabowo Argo Yuwono, Tuesday (06/30/2020), reported by Wartakotalive.

Separately, the Director of Registration and Identification of the National Police Traffic Corps, Brigadier General Yusuf Yusuf said that this program only applies to making SIM A and SIM C.

Requirements needed are carrying original e-KTP and photocopying, passing medical tests, theoretical and practical tests, as well as bringing original SIM for the renewal process.

“Until now the number of residents who have registered for the free SIM program is 4,308 people throughout Indonesia,” said Brigadier General Yusuf.

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