News Readers forum: bike path disappears in nothing

Readers forum: bike path disappears in nothing


The editorial team received this letter on “More space for cyclists in the Frauenland and in the Zellerau” on 8 May:

“In this section with a gradient, cyclists will swim along the road in the future.” With this quote from the article “More space for cyclists in the Frauenland and in the Zellerau”, cyclists should experience an improvement in their situation in Würzburg. What is the improvement if in the future I can no longer ride on a bike path but “swim” between all the motorized traffic?

The same article points out that “unlike the previous cycle path … .. this significantly reduces the risk of so-called dooring accidents with passengers getting out of the car” for cyclists traveling out of town.

Cyclists driving into the city could no longer end up on the bike path in these so-called dooring accidents, but instead directly under the wheels of other road users.

What did the city council think in 2016 when it adopted the cycling concept? It is likely that this solution for the expansion of wheel axles in Würzburg fits perfectly into the previous concept. This is once again a Würzburg cycle path that comes out of nowhere or disappears into nowhere.

Theo Wahler
97074 Wurzburg


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