The information implies that a brand new peak in average home values of £146,965 was arrived at in Glasgow in This summer although overall there’s been a slowdown in Scotland for greater value homes.

‘We’ll need to wait another couple of months to start to see the real impact of Brexit, however the Scottish market has well shown its resilience. The lengthy recovery in average prices continues and it is more and more being brought through the less expensive areas, for example Glasgow, where growth looks to become robust,’ Campbell added.

Based on Christine Campbell, Your Move controlling director in Scotland, house prices in Scotland remain resilient regardless of the election for that United kingdom to depart the Eu even though it is simply too early to completely assess the impact of Brexit.

Disregarding an increase in prices in the March surge, Scotland has seen pretty consistent, steady growth month on month since April 2015. This really is despite a slowdown in quality value property.

This takes the typical cost in Scotland to £169,807 and also the data in the Your Move Acadata house cost index also implies that month on month prices elevated by .2%.


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