Technology Pokémon GO is now helping you find ground Pokémon...

Pokémon GO is now helping you find ground Pokémon for Sinnoh


Ground Pokémon for the Sinnoh tasks in Pokémon GO is now easier to find. For the nostalgia challenge, this is an important task that was initially difficult to solve.

What is it about? They started on Friday, May 22nd, 2020 Sinnoh tasks of the 2020 nostalgia challenge in Pokémon GO.

These tasks are divided into 9 different steps, where you should find and catch different types of Pokémon, among other things. These can be plant, electric or combat Pokémon.

Niantic is now helping with research – why?

That was the problem: A few hours after the start of the challenge, the coaches’ voices were loud. Abstinence from ground-level Pokémon was a problem because step 4 of research requires that you catch a Pokémon of this type.

Trainers wondered where to find ground Pokémon at all.

This is how Pokémon GO now helps: Around midnight German time came up reddit a message reporting changes in spawns. “The spawns for Hippo have probably been changed”.

In it, trainer TomNeverNR6 reports that he did not see the Pokémon Hippopotas all day and suddenly, from one moment to the next, spawned two pieces within 100 meters. And with no nests nearby.

Other trainers also agree with this observation:

  • “Yes, something has really changed. I’m seeing a couple of them on the nearby ad now
  • “Yes, no spawn at first and suddenly 2 in my house”
  • “The same goes for me. Not many, but at least they are now spawning ”
  • “Went from 0 to 2 at ‘Nearby'”
  • “Definitely. I think you [Niantic] have listened to us “
Pokémon GO Hippopotas

So if you are still looking for ground Pokémon, look for Hippopotas now. If you’re out of luck, there are other ways to get ground Pokémon.

Where can you find ground Pokémon? Soil types await you in various areas of Pokémon GO.

With this help, you should now be able to solve Pokémon GO’s task for Sinnoh nostalgia much easier. It’s worth it for you, because in the end a Cresselia is waiting for you as a reward. If you could not solve the previous challenges, but want to participate in the grand finale, can buy a ticket for it.


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