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Permits to move, separated parents, procedures and assistance to the elderly: how to request them


Starting at 0 on Wednesday, those workers in activities called essential by the National Government, who have to move around the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires ( AMBA), must have a new Excuse me of circulation, before entering the new stage of the hardened mandatory quarantine.

As officially reported, workers who fulfill essential tasks and who reside in the AMBAThey will have time from 0:00 on Monday until Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. to renew their respective CUHC (Unique Trainers Certificate of Circulation).

“On Monday, June 29 and Tuesday, June 30, you must renew your certificate, which is the only one that will be valid from July 1. You can only obtain a certificate if you carry out essential activities, authorized productive activities or you have to ask for a special permit to do an urgent procedure, a treatment, transfer your sons or daughters or attend a family member, “they reported on the official page of

The process can be done through the CuidAR app, available for devices with a system Android or through the government website, following the steps indicated by the system, to finally fill out the “Single Certificate of Circulation – COVID 19 “coronavirus.

How to get the new circulation permit?

It is necessary for the person to enable geolocation on their device, then the “self-monitoring” process can be started from the CuidAR App.

1. Enter the web

Once on the page, the cursor must be lowered towards the end of the text and stop at the slogan: “First inform us if you have a DNI”. There click on “Yes” and then click on “Continue”.

2. Select residence

Choose where you live and then click on “Continue”.

3. Choose reason for exception

It can be to move to work or for other reasons of force majeure, such as assisting people with mobility difficulties or the elderly. If you choose “other reasons”, you must fill out another form.

If the application is for work, a new tab will open, asking for more detailed information on the applicant’s job title.

Once these points have been completed, click on “Complete the Form”.

4. Attach supporting documentation

A new requirement that the system asks to complete the application is to attach supporting documentation that justifies the Excuse me, which can be a receipt from the employer, single tax, or letter from the employer.

To complete this step, you must upload a file that can be .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpg and .png, which does not exceed 10mb.

5. Complete the application to circulate

Before completing the form and paying attention to every detail that is asked of you. Once finished, it is important to check the penultimate box that has the phrase “I am not a Robot”, and then click “Request Certificate”.

It is necessary to fill in the required fields: name, document number, procedure number (the 11-digit numerical series that appears just to the left of the QR code, on the front of the card) and gender.

The software will warn about the character of an affidavit of the data entered, so it is necessary to enter correct information and that falsifying the information “can be considered a serious contravention”.

Now, users will be obliged to report the patent number of the vehicle in which they will move during the quarantine and / or the SUBE card that they will use for public transport, data that was previously optional.

As stated, from Wednesday, July 1, all previously granted CUHCs will be removed and only three types of Excuse mes:

– Essential activities, established in article 6 of DNU 297/2020, which must include the SUBE or patent number.

– Activities authorized by the Ministry of Productive Development, such as industrial parks, exporting industries and continuous cycle, who must use a private means of transportation.

– Special permissions.

Among the latter Excuse mes are: separated fathers and mothers, people who need to carry out urgent procedures and emergencies, and those who provide assistance to relatives.

Separated parents

From 0 am on Wednesday, July 1, when the new restrictions for the coronavirus quarantine start, there will also be news for those who need to carry out a procedure, follow medical treatment, transfer their children (in the case of separated mothers and fathers ) or attend a family member.

The new Unique Enabling Certificate for Circulation (CUHC) will have a category called “ Excuse mespecials ”that will be directed to all those cases. This means that those who already had a Excuse me for any of these reasons, they will now have to obtain a new certificate.

It should be noted that Excuse meSpecials will be valid for 24 hours and can be processed at most twice a week.

The only exception is for people who perform chronic medical treatments. In that case, a Excuse me special that will not have a specific deadline and documentation that supports the order will be requested.

During the validity of the certificate, it will be possible to travel by public transport to circulate through the AMBA (Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area: Federal Capital + Province). For this, when carrying out the procedure, the SUBE card number must be entered.

How is the “ Excuse me special”

1) The procedure can be done through the CuidAR app, available for devices with a system Android, or through the government website

3) Inform if we have Argentine DNI. In case of not having it, only people with precarious residence in process may continue. Click on “continue”.

4) Then, mark the province of residence and again click “continue”. The different reasons for exception will appear. Check the option ” Excuse mes special (procedures, prolonged treatment, transfer of sons or daughters) “. Click on “complete the form”.

5) Select the reason for circulation. The options are: prolonged medical treatments; emergency, medical shifts, unforeseen situation, urgent procedures, emergencies (valid for 24 hours); separated parents to transfer children from one address to another (valid for 24 hours); assistance from relatives, older adults, minors, disabled (valid for 24 hours).

6) Enter the personal data: name, DNI, gender, CUIL, telephone number, mail and address. It will be necessary to include the patent number of the private vehicle or SUBE card number. Of the people to attend, enter name, telephone number, address and ID (including the procedure number that appears on the front). It is also necessary to indicate the reason for the assistance, date and time slot in which the assistance will be provided, and details of the medical treatment (including the name of the professional who will attend to it) or description of the emergency.

7) Once all the data has been completed, click on “I am not a robot” and, finally, on “Request certificate”.

8) The system will give the ok within two hours. He Excuse me It can be printed or saved as PDF on the cell phone. It will also appear in the Caring application, in which the person makes a self-diagnosis every 48 hours.

Bear in mind that this “ Excuse me special ”can be processed at most twice a week.

What to do in an emergency?

Emergencies will not need authorization. Those who cross it, must support with documentation that they are in a case of “force majeure”. They can move in their personal vehicle or public transport. Therefore, the SUBE card will not be blocked immediately, as it had been evaluated at one time.

“What we are going to do is control the person who uses the SUBE card, not being an essential worker, on a regular basis. That is, to use it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Faced with this situation, we will probably make temporary suspensions of that card, ”said Mario Meoni, Minister of Transport of the Nation.

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