World Pandemic could end hand luggage on planes - Observer

Pandemic could end hand luggage on planes – Observer


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) recommends that all suitcases be dispatched to the hold in order to limit carry-on baggage within the aircraft, in order to reduce contact between passengers, staff and infrastructure.

Covid-19 has forced more restrictive measures at airports to prevent the spread of the virus and the practice of carrying hand luggage on the plane is being limited, and may even end. The EFSA and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control advise, in the latest aviation security protocol published, that hand luggage allowed in the cabin of the aircraft be routed directly to the hold or that passengers avoid carrying this type of luggage.

To minimize the risk of infection, the agency also recommends that passengers do the check-in online, take your boarding pass on your mobile phone and tag your luggage outside the airport, so that the control process at the airport is streamlined and more secure. The published protocol emphasizes the importance of maintaining social distance in airport facilities, as well as hand hygiene and the use of a protective mask.

Airlines like Vueling, Air Europa and Ryanair adhered to these recommendations. It is now up to each country and each company to follow or not these recommendations and decide which measures it intends to apply.

Italy will ban hand luggage at national airports and on international flights to the country from July 26 for “health reasons”. Small handbags and items that can be placed under the seat on the plane are still allowed.


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