Sport Oops: 11 years with Everton, but coach Ancelotti doesn't...

Oops: 11 years with Everton, but coach Ancelotti doesn’t know who Luke Garbutt is Remarkable


Carlo Ancelotti has been a coach at Everton for more than six months, but he does not seem to know all the players yet. That became painfully clear when he received a question at a press moment about the departure of Luke Garbutt (11 years employed by Everton). “Who is leaving?” Ancelotti probed in the dark.

After 11 years in paid employment with Everton, Luke Garbutt’s contract was not renewed. Coach Ancelotti was asked about it at a video press conference, but clearly had no idea who it was.

“Who are you talking about?” He asked. Followed by a painful silence. “Sorry, I’m surprised at this question. I don’t know.”

Admittedly, Luke Garbutt didn’t play under the wings of Ancelotti this season. He was on loan to Ipswich Town.

Garbutt himself could also laugh about it. He even shared the video on his social media.

Ancelotti’s video with Garbutt’s response:


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