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Nintendo CEO apologizes for Switch controller issues | NOW


Nintendo has officially expressed regret for the Switch controller issues. That is what CEO Shuntaro Furukawa recently did in a conversation with Japanese investors, according to a translation by Kotaku.

“We apologize for any problems our customers have had with the controllers,” said Furukawa. In substance, he did not go into the matter further, because there is still a lawsuit in the United States.

The problems came to light in July last year. Affected users reported an error in the controller’s analog stick, causing the camera or game character on the screen to move by itself.

Nintendo said in a statement at the time “to be aware of” the issues and referred users to customer service. It is not clear exactly how many people have suffered from the problems.

In the United States, a collective lawsuit was filed against the Japanese company. In addition, people who also had problems with the Switch controllers could join. Not long after, Nintendo began offering free repairs for the controllers in the US.



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