Entertainment Nicole Neumann's "worst day" in Us in the morning

Nicole Neumann’s “worst day” in Us in the morning


Nicole Neumann’s “worst day” in Us in the morning: “I have to deal with every satellite” Credit: Instagram

This Tuesday, to

Nicole Neumann

it was noticed half lost in the panel

We in the morning.


uncomfortable and scattered

, the model was almost late to the channel, she forgot a question in the middle of a report with a doctor, she argued with an interviewee and was upset with one of her colleagues who wanted to talk about the exchange war with Mica Viciconte.

“What’s wrong Nicole?” Asked Pollo Álvarez, driver of the cycle surprised by the attitude of his partner. “Am I going to the corner to think?” Neumann retorted, laughing. “You know that I love you, I value you, I admire you, and that is why I encourage you to say this: we were here a year and two months ago and

it’s your worst day

“he retorted.

“I am a human being, sometimes one gets up with the left foot, crossed and today I got up crossed. Sometimes I was going to hit myself. I am all love and peace, yogi but day 103 of quarantine seems fair to me.” , the blonde was justified.

And then, in a more serious tone, he explained the reasons why he was in a bad mood. “I got up at 6.30. The new permits do not apply yet, but they closed all the entrances and a tremendous funnel was put together that hardly reached the channel. Before that, I wanted to download the new permit and it is almost impossible. 20.30, in turn dealing with zoom meetings, classes, wifi that does not work, “she complained in a kind of catharsis.

Far from calming the waters, his companions brought to the scene one of his last conflicts with Mica Viciconte. “On top of the exit of the channel, all the press waiting. I have to deal with each satellite, please,” she said indignantly.

Immediately, Ariel Wolman took the floor to explain what the panelist was referring to. “They accuse Nicole of stealing swaps from Mica,” he said. However, and quite annoyed, her partner stopped her: “No, stop, that was the accusation of a single person that all the rest did not bank.” While the journalist continued in his position and defending his information, the model interrupted him once again. “Sure, and the story turned upside down because the person who organizes these brands contradicted everything. Should we talk about this?” She asked somewhat Bayern uncomfortably.

“Well, don’t kill the messenger. I love Nicole, I’m just telling the story. I’m a journalist always,” Wolman defended himself while listening to Neumann grumbling in the background: “Well, there are nonsense that don’t merit.”

The word of Mica Viciconte

Micaela Viciconte talked about the “exchange war” with Nicole Neumann Credit: Instagram

The current couple of Fabián Cubero did not take long to pick up the glove and assured that the subject of the swaps is due to a misunderstanding with their publicist. “I had an advertiser a while ago and the problem was with her. It seemed to me a lack of professionalism. I like to work in a neat way, so that’s why I prefer to open up and continue working alone. And I did not filter this, obviously the information comes on the other hand, “he launched


indirectly blaming Neumann for making the intern known.

“I do not steal the swap from anyone, thank God the brands write to me and I work very well. When someone wants exclusivity, that is paid, and when that is not stipulated, then I get in there. I never told or asked the publicist who is not someone else, “he explained, as if differentiating himself from Cubero’s ex.

However, the panellist of

The problem show

He also took the opportunity to answer the stick that the mother of Siena, Allegra and Indiana threw at him yesterday for using Tik Tok. “It is an application for anyone who wants to have fun, it does not have much science,” she clarified. As for herself, her video drinking came with a background song that spoke of a former ex-girlfriend, she warned: “It is not the only video I made, in fact there is an older one that speaks ill of me as a girlfriend.




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