Entertainment Netflix Releases Cursed's Flamboyant Trailer

Netflix Releases Cursed’s Flamboyant Trailer


Cursed, the freely interpreted series of the legend of King Arthur, is revealed in a new trailer in French. Enough to wait before the release, scheduled for July 17 on Netflix.

Nimue is interpreted by Katherine Langford. © Netflix

Netflix has just given us a new trailer for Cursed: The Rebel, the series based on a reinterpretation of the legends of King Arthur.

We discover Nimue (Katherine Langford), struggling with what looks like an Arthurian version of the Inquisition (led by the excellent Peter Mullan, seen in Trainspotting or Ozarks) determined to end all forms of magic. She finds herself charged by her mother to take care of a magic sword that we imagine to be Excalibur … except for one detail: instead of being a symbol of power and greatness as in the original legend, the mythical sword is here the receptacle of a curse which seems to consume its bearer little by little, a bit like the One Ring. The goal of her quest is to take her to the legendary enchantor Merlin (played by Gustaf Skarsgård, known for his tasty interpretation of Floki in Vikings), who seeks to recover the powers which he seems to have been deprived of.

Judging by this trailer, it’s an eventful to say the least that awaits Nimue, Merlin and of course Arthur. The latter will be interpreted by Devon Tyrell, seen in the biographical film Barry where he interpreted a young Barack Obama. Between the crimson dress fanatics (who will no doubt recall another work of fiction well known to some …), wild beasts and fantastic creatures, it’s a safe bet that no one will come out completely unscathed. See you on July 17, the series’ release date on Netflix, to find out if this very free interpretation of the Arthurian legend will live up to expectations!


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