News Mrs. Risma Doesn't Want Citizens to Be Blamed

Mrs. Risma Doesn’t Want Citizens to Be Blamed


The Mayor of Tri Rismaharini prostrated at the doctor’s feet during an audience with IDI Surabaya, Monday (6/29/2020). (Source: Kompas TV)

SURABAYA, KOMPAS.TV – Prostration action of Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini on a doctor received a response from Surabaya City DPRD Chairman Adi Sutarwijono.

Adi interpreted Risma’s action as an apology for Surabaya residents who did not obey the health protocol so that it made the medical staff overwhelmed.

“Mrs. Risma is very respectful of medical staff, she took spontaneous action to apologize as a leader when there are some people who have not obeyed the health protocol, so that makes the medical staff in Dr. Soetomo Regional Hospital of East Java Provincial Government overwhelmed,” Adi said at the Surabaya Parliament Building, Tuesday (6/30/2020) as quoted from

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According to Adi, what Risma did was a very good attitude as a leader, because it did not directly blame the citizens.

“So do not blame the community, but apologize because not all citizens obey the health protocol. Mrs. Risma does not want its citizens to be blamed. So the burden is borne on her shoulders. The leader must indeed be like that,” said the PDI-P politician.

Risma’s apology through the prostration was also considered as a moral responsibility, that as a leader he had not been able to help optimally to RSUD Dr. Soetomo because of authority issues.



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