Health MIR in Public Health denounces that the specialty to...

MIR in Public Health denounces that the specialty to work in the Ministry of Health is not recognized



MIR of Preventive Medicine and Public Health demand the recognition of the specialty for access in the Corps of Regular Doctors The Association of Residents of Preventive Medicine and Public Health (ARES MPSP), and denounces that the specialty of Public Health “is neither required nor it is recognized as merit “in the Public Employment Offer to join the 2020 Corps of Medical Doctors of the Ministry of Health.

From ARES MPSP they point out that the situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has highlighted the lack of funding, human resources and specialization in Epidemiology and Public Health Services at different levels of the administration.

For this reason, the residents’ association manifests its misunderstanding before the last call for a Public Employment Offer (OPE) to join the Corps of Regular Doctors published in the resolution of June 11, 2020 in the Official State Gazette on June 23, 2020.

“These months it has been shown that the lack of personnel in Public Health has consequences”, affirms Mario Fontán Vela, coordinator of ARES MPSP, from where in 2017 a position was approved in which he demanded the recognition and homogeneous requirement of the specialty for those Administration positions with Public Health functions for medical personnel.

“Before the pandemic, the situation of these services was precarious in order to carry out their functions in a solvent manner. Now we have experienced an extraordinary situation and we need to strengthen those areas that can improve containment and prevention, vital to avoid the collapse of the health system and the implementation of non-pharmacological measures such as confinement throughout the country, “he adds.

“In Medicine we have the specialty of Preventive Medicine and Public Health in which for four years we were trained in areas related to public health (health promotion, epidemiological surveillance, health alerts, foreign health, health administration, etc.) “states Blanca Fernández-Pacheco González Echavarri, member of the ARES MPSP Employment and Profession Group.

Thus, they consider that this type of position should be reinforced with personnel who have training in these areas, both doctors and physicians, as well as recognizing other professions with training in Public Health; but without forgetting that there is a medical specialty. The ARES MPSP coordinator points out that this situation is common in this type of call not only for the General State Administration, but also at the autonomous level, as they have reported before similar calls in the Basque Country or Catalonia.

“We have doctors who finish their residency each year and are trained in these types of functions that see how their specialty is not required or recognized as merit. Professionalizing Public Health should be a priority to start strengthening the system. No We only need people trained in these positions, but that the working conditions are similar to those that exist at the hospital level, “concludes Mario Fontán Vela.


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