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Meghan Markle gets screwed up by critics: this painful comment


Since joining the royal family, Meghan Markle has been at the heart of all criticism, and can no longer bear this pressure.

Prince Harry and Meghan’s decision Markle to take great distances away from Royalty by moving to The bone Angeles, in the United States, and giving up their royal titles, in order to become financially freelancers, at the start of 2020, was surely due to media pressure that was far too great and difficult for Meghan Markle to bear.

When they just celebrated their two years of marriage on May 19, and their son’s first birthday Archie, the former Duchess of Sussex seems to have struggled to cope with the fierceness of the media that she experiences on a daily basis, even though she was already famous as a blogger with more than a million subscribers, and as an actress before her marriage.

Indeed, Meghan Markle who had made her cinema debut in the USA, in films such as Remember Me (2010), How? ‘Or’ What kill his boss? (2011) or again Criminals (2015), had finally made a name for himself and made himself known in 2011 thanks to his main role in the television series, Judicial ” Suits : Lawyers tailored “. Series in which she plays Rachel Zane, a talented paralegal, and will play in the first 7 seasons. Following her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle will have to interrupt her acting career to comply with the obligations of royalty.

Her role as Duchess of Sussex is the one who finally propelled her to the world star level.

But her notoriety as an actress was not sufficient, nor far enough to face the role of celebrity which then becomes world when she enters the family royal. Media pressure, certainly incomparable to that of a famous actress in Hollywood. Permanently in the spotlight, every single move, and more often criticized thanadmired, Meghan seems to find it increasingly difficult to bear this international media coverage.

In a documentary broadcast in October 2019, Meghan Markle said she had experienced media pressure very badly since her marriage, especially during her pregnancy, which was widely reported in the press. Very harsh criticisms which had been particularly difficult to accept. Meghan is at the heart of all controversy, from her entry into the Royal family to Megxit today.

Tired of the many criticisms they have been subjected to since the start of their marriage and above all mad with rage against all those who dare to attack his wife, Prince Harry no longer intends to let it go. Time and again, the grandson of the Queen of England, spoke up to rage, through press releases to ask the tabloids to stop harassing his wife. He had published a long open letter expressing his anger and sadness.

“My wife has become one of the last victims of a British tabloid campaigning against people regardless of consequences He then lamented. Because he admits that Meghan Markle he suffers a lot from it, and he can’t stand it. Critics not only of their choice of life, but who also started when his family problems were exposed.

“I have been the silent witness to his private suffering for far too long,” said Prince William’s little brother. Something to stir up terrible memories in him. The young father remains traumatized by the untimely death of his mother, Princess Diana when he was only 12 years old at the time. It is out of the question for him that his dear and tender wife should suffer the same fate as his mother. Indeed, since her marriage to the American Meghan Markle, Prince Harry fears a new drama. It is true that journalists tirelessly track down the slightest misstep of the ex-Duchess of Sussex.

Not a day goes by without a very critical press article being published around his couple and his wife Meghan. He recently announced that he would prosecute all media that harass this last. Prince Harry, for whom he is extremely difficult, said: “Whenever I hear the click of a photographer, it takes me back to my childhood. Now I see my own wife going through the same thing my mom went through. I refuse that, and I also refuse that my son is a victim of this same press.

Prince Harry often raises his voice! Ulcerated by attacks including his wife, Meghan Markle, is the target, he has repeatedly published long press releases on his official website and has indicated that he is ready to do everything in his power to protect his wife from those who harass her.

“My deepest fear is that history will repeat itself. I have seen what happens when someone I love is harassed to the point of no longer being treated or seen as nobody real. I lost my mother and now see my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces, “said Prince Harry. With reference to a letter written by Meghan Markle to his father, extracts of which have been published in the press (and more specifically in the DailyMail) :

“The content of a private letter was published illegally, intentionally destructively, to manipulate you readers.” “So far, we have been unable to correct the continual misrepresentations,”. So it was by mutual agreement that they decided that the Duchess of Sussex would file a complaint against DMG Media, the publisher of DailyMail, for misuse of personal information, violation of copyright and violation of the 2018 Data Protection Act. Last April, in a letter to the Sun, at Daily Mail, at Daily Mirror and at Daily Express, the couple announced that there would be “no further collaboration” with them.

“She became a world celebrity on a simply incomparable scene in Hollywood, which she knew before”, declares, the journalist Katie Nicholl. Often considered a diva, capricious, honeyed, Meghan Markle, who has so often been criticized for her infidelities to the traditions and protocols of the British establishment, her clothing choices (dresses with bare shoulders, jeans, etc.), his attitude, his past, his origins, has become a recurring target for the press people around the world.

See this post on Instagram

⁣ @meghanmarkle_official – Meghan reached out to Smart Works, a London charity that helps unemployed women prepare for job interviews, to praise its work during the COVID-19 pandemic and to surprise one of its clients with words of encouragement via video. ⁣ ⁣ Her overall message followed a familiar theme she has repeatedly expressed: women’s empowerment. ⁣ ⁣ “It’s been such an honor to meet and learn from so many talented women in the Smart Works network over the years, and recently to see the amazing work they’re doing to adapt their programs to the reality of this pandemic,” read Meghan’s message on the website under the headline, “A message from our Patron. “⁣” Their ability to continue to empower women and help them harness the confidence they need to succeed during this time is inspiring. ⁣ ⁣ Meghan became the royal patron for Smart a Works in January 2019. In September of that year, in het first official public engagement after giving birth to Archie, she launched her fist fashion capsule collection for the working-women charity. ⁣ ⁣ “Throughout this (pandemic) crisis, the Duchess has been keeping in touch with her Patronages and the organizations most important to her to offer her continued support,” according to a statement from her Los Angeles-based public relations team.⁣ “ At the end of (March), the Duchess was able to join a mentoring session with one of the Smart Works clients. ⁣ ⁣ The Smart Works service is available for any woman who is unemployed and has a confirmed job interview, referrals are made by our employment support partners including women’s charities and Job Center Plus. Their mission is to help anyone who needs it, no matter the circumstances.

A publication shared by Meghan Markle 🔵 (@meghanmarkle_official) on April 30, 2020 at 10:30 am PDT

Constantly criticized, Meghan undergoes relentless media pressure what is finding it increasingly difficult to cope. These same media attacks and harassments, British and international, of which Lady Di was herself the victim, and which will have been fatal to her.


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