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“Love Life”, “Little Voice”, “Hanna” … Five series not to be missed in July


(Relaxnews) – From the second season of “Hanna” on Amazon Prime Video, to “Love Life”, the new anthology with Anna Kendrick on OCS, including a JJ Abrams production, “Little Voice”, Jason’s creation Segel “Dispatches From Elsewhere”, and the long-awaited second season of “The Umbrella Academy”, the start of summer promises to be already full for TV series buffs.


To save her friend Clara from the terrible Utrax program at the hands of John Carmichael and Leo Garner, Hanna will risk her freedom. She will then befriend her sworn enemy, CIA agent Marissa Wiegler. If the latter once trusted the ruthless organization, she must now protect herself and Hanna, determined to discover her real role in the assassination program of Utrax and thus her own destiny.

Season 2
With Esme Creed-Miles
July 3 on Amazon Prime Video
Trailer: Youtu.be/6Rm3twwVy1s

Love Life

Darby is a young woman in search of true love. Through her many romantic dates, her love at first sight and her disappointments, will Darby end up finding meaning in her life and especially the love of her life?

With Anna Kendrick
July 9 on OCS
Trailer: Youtu.be/1e_nudo5iuU

Little Voice

Between the medical treatment of his brother and his own New York rent to pay, Bess does not have time to immerse himself in his passion for music … or rather the young woman is far too afraid to reveal herself in the eyes of others. With the help of her friends, will the singer find her voice as an artist?

With Brittany O’Grady
July 10 on Apple TV +
Trailer: Youtu.be/lL0CxAAsUuE

Dispatches From Elsewhere

A little lost in their respective lives, four ordinary people will discover an extraordinary puzzle hidden under the guise of everyday life. This group of people will discover one by one that the mystery goes back much further than they would have imagined.

With Jason Segel, Sally Field
July 24 on Amazon Prime Video

Umbrella Academy

After using his powers to send his family back in time to escape Vanya’s apocalypse, Number Five is the last to land in Dallas. However, this time jump has not been so successful. Scattered throughout Dallas and over a three-year period starting in 1960, some have completely rebuilt their lives believing themselves to be the only survivors. Upon his arrival, Cinq discovers a nuclear disaster, a direct consequence of the disruption of the space-time continuum. The members of the Umbrella Academy will have to meet to prevent this new apocalypse while avoiding being killed by ruthless Swedish assassins.

Season 2
With Ellen Page
July 31 on Netflix


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