News Lkai showed fictitious steps, the police accused 58 people....

Lkai showed fictitious steps, the police accused 58 people. code reaches 20 million crowns Home


Prague Police have accused 58 people of fraudulent health reporting, which they did not actually provide. These are mainly doctors and nurses from a small medical facility in the Middle East. The health insurance company received a code of more than 19 million crowns. Jaroslav Ibehej, the National Center against Organized Crime (NCOZ), spoke about this.

Among the accused are also some patients who should have consciously agreed to the use of their personal data for the reporting of fictitious hospitalizations, although in the reported period they did not actually have hospitalizations, the spokesman said.

According to the police, the fictitious medical actions of the accused were reported at least from February 2011 to the end of 2015. Some of them were threatened for ten years. Vichni is pulling for freedom. The police have accused such a poor medical facility in the Central Bohemian Region as the first person.

The case is supervised by the Regional Council of Prague. The file is very obscure, only a resolution to initiate a criminal complaint of 1132 pages. Disseminating such voluminous documents would be technically very complicated, which is why the NCOZ criminal investigators decided to deliver the resolution to the accused in person, Ibehej added.


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