Sport Liverpool Now Has 48 Main Trophies, Increasingly Outperforming Man...

Liverpool Now Has 48 Main Trophies, Increasingly Outperforming Man United



Liverpool successfully won the Premier League so that the main trophy collection is now 48. The Reds are now three trophies ahead of Manchester United.

Liverpool’s success of the English League champions cannot be separated from Manchester City’s defeat of Chelsea last week, so that the difference of 23 points is no longer overtaken in the remaining seven matches.

Liverpool successfully ended 30 years of fasting league title and won the 19th English League title or the first in the Premier League era. This trophy is certainly a relief because Liverpool has been the subject of banter for rival fans, especially Man United.

Liverpool’s great success plus the success of winning international trebles (Champions League, European Super Cup and Club World Cup), making the port city club already has 48 major trophies.

The total of these trophies outperformed 45 major trophies owned by Man United. However the Red Devils are still superior in terms of domestic trophies with 20 Premier League titles, 12 FA Cups and five English League Cups, a total of 37 trophies.

Meanwhile, Liverpool has 19 English League / Premier League titles, seven FA Cups and eight English League Cups, a total of 34 trophies. But, speaking of European and World competition levels, Liverpool are patting their chests.

Liverpool has six League / Champions Cup titles, three UEFA Cup titles, four European Super Cup titles, and one Club World Cup, a total of 14 titles. Meanwhile, Manchester United has three Champions League titles, one UEFA Cup, one Cup Winners Cup, one European Super Cup, one Club World Cup, and one Intercontinental Cup, a total of eight trophies.

However, if a minor trophy is counted, namely the Community Shield Cup, then MU with 21 titles in the opening competition in England will beat Liverpool, who have just won 15 times there. So in total MU has 66 trophies, while Liverpool has 63 trophies.

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