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Leroy Sané at Bayern Munich, it’s finished


Bayern Munich have completed the transfer of the German international from Manchester City, Leroy Sané, according to the German press.

In the pipes for a while, the transfer of Leroy Sané is not yet official, but to believe Bild, everything is completed between the three parts of the case, namely Manchester City, Bayern Munich and the German international 24 years, to whom there remained only one year of contract in England.

According to the German media, Bayern Munich will spend less than 50 million euros in history, even if the exact amount is not specified, and Leroy Sané will sign him until 2025 in Bavaria with a salary below the one that its representatives demanded a few months ago.

A priori, Leroy Sané should not dispute the end of the Champions League with the English club and could therefore start his Bavarian adventure in August. The end of a series that lasted several months.



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