Even though the film doesn’t depend exclusively on as being a lesson in history, individuals acquainted with a brief history from the Armenian Genocide will notice familiar figures come in the video, for example Father Komitas, Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, in addition to Talaat and Enver Pashas, and Nazim Bey. The heroic resistances of Van and Musa Ler are pictured within the film too.

The video excels in portraying the distressing physical and emotional encounters from the sufferers from the genocide, showing entire communities killed and disposed in rivers, mass executions, deportation / removal lines, and enormous categories of Armenian orphans.

In The Armenian Weekly

The cast and crew of ‘The Promise’ on Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall stage (Photo: Karnig Hasserjian)

Michael is eventually arrested and deported. He encounters a harrowing journey of repeated separation, loss, trauma, and hope.

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