Kid Rock is identical artist who told Confederate flag protesters to hug his ass, so regardless of how much hip-hop history he may have, he’s developed into a fairly persistent asshole with regards to equality, it’d appear.

Although this video does not really talk about it, one needs to believe that Kid Rock has got the same blind nationalism that lots of who’re against Kaepernick exhibit. That’s not saying that you’re wrong for being pissed he is not meaning the nation’s Anthem–you’re within your legal rights to do this. Colin’s titled to his opinions and reasoning, though, and at the minimum you should be doing not only blindly saying “f*ck Colin Kaepernick” rather than trying to puzzle out the way we like a nation can rectify the damage that is causing Colin to consider stated knees rather than standing together with his give his heart. As if you stated, Kid, he was “born free.”

Word towards the wise: if you are likely to insert yourself into this Colin Kaepernik sitting on the nation’s Anthem debate, just don’t. We have already had idiots like Jesse Trump, Tiki Barber, and Kate Upton (amongst others) speak on why Kaepernick must stop protesting the nation’s Anthem. Actually, he’s protesting an audio lesson about a nation that provides you with the liberty to clap back at that which you dislike concerning the country, however that point sheds on people like Trump…and Kid Rock, actually.

TMZ found some recent concert footage of Kid Rock out of this past weekend carrying out his song “Born Free” where, at some point, he made the decision to prevent singing and merely say “f*ck Colin Kaepernick” in to the microphone (about 50 seconds in to the above video), to some chorus of trash cheers. While Kaepernick is freely protesting an audio lesson that’s indeed well past it’s prime, compiled by a guy who possessed seven slaves, Kid Rock is shitting on Kaepernick while singing an audio lesson with lyrics like “You are able to knock me lower watching me bleed / However, you can’t keep no chains on me.” Irony? Or perhaps is Kid Rock exactly that dense? Or perhaps is his meaning of “freedom” diverse from Merriam-Webster’s?

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