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Julien Guirado and Marine El Himer separated from Les Apprentis Aventuriers 5, she confides in her biggest regret


Remember the meltynauts, a few months ago on W9 Marine El Himer and Julien Guirado had decided to get engaged in The Princes and Princesses of Love 3 and tattoo their ring, forever inking their love in their skinsAn idea that seemed very good on the set of the romance program, but more now than Julien Guirado and Marine El Himer des Princes et Princesses de l’Amour 3 separated and the candidate filed a complaint against him for violence. In interview for our colleagues from Gossip Room, the candidate came back on her tattoos and spoke about the one she has in common with her ex and whom she regrets …

Marine regrets her tattoo!

Marine El Himer reveals that she regrets her alliance tattoo: “Who do you say, I regret a lot! There is one with Julien, after this one I don’t like him too much he gets on my nerves, it’s outdated … But yes especially the one with Julien, the alliance we talk about? How do I do now guys? I’m going to have to put a diamond put ** n to not see this one anymore! In addition it’s funny that because it is engraved in me, it is exactly the relationship that we lived, the discomfort that it engraved, put in me you see? Suddenly the J disappears, I’m going to put an O “ ! This is clear … Also find out here if Martika and the other exes of Julien Guirado were victims of violence like Marine El Himer.



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