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Jokowi Has Not Notified the Ketum of the Party about the Reshuffle


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Chairperson of the Central Board of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDP DPP) Eriko Sotarduga said President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has not yet submitted a plan reshuffle Indonesian Cabinet Goes forward to the coalition party chairmen.

Eriko said Jokowi always told the chairmen of the party supporting the government if he wanted to make a cabinet reshuffle.

“Because if there is such a thing (reshuffle), there will definitely be a notification to the general chairman, to invite the general chairman to meet. Until now, officially or informally we have not seen that,” Eriko told reporters at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta. Tuesday (6/30).

Eriko said that his party responded positively to the reshuffle option Jokowi gave during the cabinet meeting. He believes that delivering the reshuffle option is Jokowi’s way of motivating ministers.

The man who also serves as a member of the House of Representatives stressed that the cabinet reshuffle was not a wrong thing. According to him, the cabinet reshuffle was legitimately carried out by Jokowi as head of government as well as head of state.

“If he plays football he needs a player replacement or a professional replacement to do the tasks, that is all right,” he said.

Furthermore, Eriko said that Jokowi has his own character in conveying messages that are not the same as people. According to him, Jokowi also has a way to reprimand, give encouragement, and provide motivation.

“Each leader has his own character, and in our opinion these are very reasonable things that were delivered yesterday,” he said.

Previously, President Jokowi opened the option to reshuffle the cabinet so that the government could optimally face the impact of the corona virus pandemic. That option came out during the Plenary Cabinet Session on June 18 last.

“It could just dissolve the institution, it could have been reshuffled, I have thought everywhere. I don’t know whether Perppu is even more important, if necessary,” Jokowi said in a video uploaded to the Presidential Secretariat’s Youtube account, Sunday (6/28).

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