Technology Johans Hardware Hub: EyeWris glasses as a bracelet

Johans Hardware Hub: EyeWris glasses as a bracelet


Johans Hardware Hub is a section in which we discuss the best and most striking gadgets and hardware every week. This week is about the EyeWris glasses.

Many people who wear glasses have their glasses on their noses all day to see clearly. There are also many people who only need reading glasses for the fine print, but usually do not constantly wear the glasses. Many will then use a storage box to store the glasses in time so as not to damage or lose them. The EyeWris was launched via a Kickstarter project, reading glasses that you can easily fold around your wrist. This means you still have your reading glasses at hand without having to immediately take a bag with you.

The glasses can easily be folded in half so that you can fold them around your wrist. It is striking that the EyeWris glasses have no legs that are placed against your head and around your ears. These are mainly used to rest so that the glasses can be worn without falling off your head. It is therefore questionable whether the spectacle wearers are waiting for this. It is conceivable that it is not always convenient to wear your reading glasses on your wrist since you are quite often busy with your hands.

Nevertheless, the EyeWris glasses are reserved en masse for the amount of approximately € 112.


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