Technology iPhone users are notified when an infected person approaches

iPhone users are notified when an infected person approaches



Apple has released a new update that makes it possible to detect coronavirus infections. You will then receive a warning every time you have been around an infected person.

It concerns iOS update 13.5 that can be installed on both iPhone and iPad. One of the innovations is a API for a corona tracker, developed by Apple and Google. Every time an iPhone user comes close to another smartphone user, data is exchanged via Bluetooth. Those anonymous IDs are stored encrypted on your iPhone for 14 days.

Matching IDs

Every day, the system downloads IDs from corona-tested people in your area. If any of those IDs match the IDs you’ve been in contact with, you’ll be notified via the government’s corona app (if it comes). That way, you know you’ve been at risk of getting infected and can take action.

Activate the function yourself

The function is not activated automatically. You can do that manually by tapping on “Privacy” and going to “Health”. Here you tap on “Exposure to COVID-19”. Via the top switch you can – if the corona app is there – activate the function by activating “Track exposure”.


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