Technology iOS 13.6 beta 3: news and installation

iOS 13.6 beta 3: news and installation


What’s new in iOS 13.6 and iPadOS 13.6

The developers are the ones who are going to have a lot of prominence in this type of betas since the code stores some of the future features that we will see. One of these is the possibility of bringing together all subscriptions to third-party services in a single payment. This can be interesting to be able to save money when hiring the iCloud service or the Apple TV + catalog. We will have to see how this future feature ends up evolving but without a doubt they are on the right track. Every month a large amount of money is paid in subscriptions and that is why Apple wants to encourage the use of the services by agglutinating them in a single subscription.

iOS 13 6 beta 3

In the previous beta we saw some interesting improvements that we will have to see if it is complemented in this new beta. Specifically they are the following:

  • Ability to automatically update iPhone to the latest available version.
  • Incorporation of a new category in Health called symptoms, to include possible pathological signs of a disease.

Something that is expected to arrive at the version of iOS 13.6 is one of the novelties of iOS 14, specifically CarKey. With this function you can open your vehicle (as long as it is in the compatible list) with your iPhone, carrying a digital key in Wallet. In addition, you can also share this digital key with other users.

It is possible that in this third beta they will go a little deeper and add some more options in this regard. But we will always have to wait for the developers to install and test this update to know if we will see any more news.

Install iOS 13.6 beta

Although this beta does not include only new features at first, there may be someone who is interested in installing this beta. This can happen because the final version of iOS 13.5.1 does not work in the most adequate way and we are looking for that jump to see if it improves the experience. But keep in mind that being a beta there may be a bug. It is true that the betas that are being released are already quite stable, but there can always be bugs that hinder the experience. If you also want to encourage you to install the beta of iOS 13.6 you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the web the Beta profiles from the iPhone or iPad to which you want to install the beta.
  2. Find the card iOS The iPadOS 13.6 and click on «Download».
  3. You will see that the developer profile has started to download and you must accept its terms and install it from Settings.
  4. Once you have installed the profile you will have to restart the iPhone or iPad.
  5. Once the computer has restarted, go to Settings> General> Software update to be able to download and install the beta 3 of iOS 13.6 or iPadOS 13.6.

And you, will you dare to try this beta?


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