News If necessary by law: austerity for Austro Control

If necessary by law: austerity for Austro Control


For example, the need for two weather services should be questioned, and the dependency on the pilots should be reduced, for example in the training system. The different salary systems in the two collective agreements should be replaced as far as possible by a uniform salary scheme.

Two-tier system

Austro Control has a two-class system. Salaries in KV 1 are particularly abundant and apply to all employees who joined the company up to 1996.
The Court of Auditors also criticizes massively that the Austro Control is flying away from the rapidly increasing effort for company pensions.

The pensions are secured by individual contracts. Brunner expects concrete suggestions from the social partners on all relevant topics by autumn 2020; implementation should take place at the end of 2020. “I hope that the corona situation has made the workforce aware that there is time to act and that everyone has to contribute to the restructuring.” If the social partners do not agree, “one must also consider legal regulations”.

Supervisory authority

The Court of Auditors also criticizes the dependencies of the air traffic control authority in the ministry. Until September 2018, a loan employee from Austro Control headed the “Safety Management and Air Traffic Control” department in the ministry. As the higher authority, the department regularly carries out the audits at Austro Control. The ministry also left the supervision of these inspections to a loan from Austro Control, and three air traffic control staff are also involved in the audits.


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