News Ice Hockey: victory over the Lausanne line

Ice Hockey: victory over the Lausanne line


What if Lausanne missed the play-offs? The question is now being asked for last season’s semifinalist, beaten 3-2 in Rapperswil-Jona in an unforgivable manner on Saturday.

The Vaudois, in fact, led 2-0 to the call of the third third before conceding the equalization in numerical superiority to 3’07 “of the siren whereas Andrew Rowe had to serve a penalty of five minutes! They had to admit defeat in overtime on the 14th success of the season of the formidable Roman Cervenka.

The point picked on St. Gallen ice does not protect the LHC from a setback. Seventh in the standings, he is three steps ahead of Bern and Lugano, who played one more game, however. The Vaudois, however, have great interest in closing the case on Tuesday when Langnau came before the last two games between Geneva-Servette and Bern. But for a team that has lost six of its last seven games, no game is won now. Even against a team like Langnau who has only 0.01% chance of playing the play-off.

Victorious 6-0 at Lugano in a match where he managed a knockout 3-0 after 7’18 of play, Bern, with Friborg, managed the great deal of the evening. The Freiburgers for their part won 1-0 at Langnau on a success of Ryan Gunderson in the 29th. Now sixth in the standings, Christian Dubé and his players can envisage a first play-off round against Genève-Servette or Davos which will be far from being lost in advance.

Geneva-Servette in the Champions League

Not all Lake Geneva clubs are dunces. At Ambri-Piotta, Genève-Servette won 1-0 thanks to a 4-1 win there too. Daniel Winnik scored his 22nd goal of the season in the 45th minute to give the Genevans a precious victory. It ensures them to play in the next Champions League as they will rank in third or fourth place in this regular season.

This meeting in Ticino also demonstrated that the departure of Robert Mayer next season could be perfectly compensated. No 3 of the servet keepers this season, Stéphane Charlin celebrated a shutout. At 19, he sort of took a date at Valascia.

Quadruplets for Riat and Suter

Victorious 5-2 of Davos, Bienne, in turn, secured his place in the play-off. The formation of Antti Törmänen had a perfect weekend. Victorious 3-2 in Lausanne on Friday, she won 5-2 ahead of Davos thanks to a … quadruple from Damien Riat. The Genevan was the great man of a match who also saw Jonas Hiller deliver in the Bieloise cage a performance of choice against his old colors.

Finally in shock at the top of the evening, the Zurich Lions won 4-1 in Zug to occupy the leader’s chair again. Author of the four goals of the match for his 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th successes of the season, Pius Suter signed, like Damien Riat in Biel, an XXL feat.


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