Sport "I would not go to Colo Colo, from UC...

“I would not go to Colo Colo, from UC I hope they will call me”


Ronald Fuentes, identified with the University of Chile, made a striking confession on the Despelotados show about his future as a coach. Today he directs Unión Española, but he was open to signing with another of the greats.

“(Lead in) Colo Colo for no reason, Catholic yes. From Colo Colo they will never call me, from UC I hope they will” recognized.

Then, he analyzed the work of Reinaldo Rueda in front of the Red and expressed that “I feel like there should be a mix with young people. The only way to keep growing is for them to have the opportunity to play. But that goes beyond what the coach wants, but what the ANFP wants. “

Finally, on his controversial time at the U as sports manager, he noted that “I was very calm. I can look all the directors, players and coaches in the eye, because everything I did I did for the good of the U “.


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