Entertainment "I was fed up, I had to go"

“I was fed up, I had to go”


It was the departure that surprised everyone last week. Pierre-Jean Chalençon announced that he was leaving “Affaire Conclue”, after the bad buzz following the photos taken with the humorist Dieudonné on Jean-Marie Le Pen’s birthday.

A departure that seemed to greatly sadden the fan of Napoleon. The day after the announcement, Pierre-Jean Chalençon appeared on the set of Jean-Marc Morandini where he admitted “having made a mistake” and apologized “to those whom the photo could offend or hurt”.

But this Tuesday, the buyer of “Affaire Conclue” reveals that his decision to leave the show was motivated by other reasons than this bad buzz. “I had already decided to leave the program at the start of the school year,” said Pierre-Jean to our colleagues at Télé Loisirs. “I had to go. I was tired of being behind a counter doing the parrot. I was no longer having fun. I wanted to evolve my role. The idea was to go and see also on the other side of the show, closest to Sophie Davant and the auctioneers. I had told Sophie about it ”. But unfortunately for the buyer, his wishes had not been heard by the production of the program.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon ensures that the controversy created by the dissemination of the photo taken alongside Dieudonné was only the trigger for his departure. “Following the turmoil caused by the publication, I received a call from Jean-Louis Blot (the producer). He asked me if I had gone to Jean-Marie Le Pen’s birthday. He told me that on the side of France 2, that “bardait”, explains Pierre-Jean. “This affair, following the various admonitions of the past few weeks, made me think and the next day, we spoke again with Jean-Louis Blot, I announced to him that I had decided to stop everything on the spot” .

The owner of the Palais Vivienne adds that officials have tried to detain him. “I think they were surprised.” That the fans of Pierre-Jean Chalençon reassure themselves despite everything, the buyer does not make a definitive cross on television. “I’m going to relaunch my one-man show project on Napoleon. As for TV, we will see with which channel we will agree, France Télévisions, Canal, M6… ”



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