Health I lose a few pounds and go on vacation:...

I lose a few pounds and go on vacation: last minute tips


They are few, but they annoy and must be eliminated. Let’s talk about the extra kilets that still resist at the critical points. No drastic diet, just some advice to be at the top in a short time

The holidays are approaching, but haven’t you found the shape yet? If your problem is those two or three kilos that weigh on the scale, here are the tips to eliminate them tightly. We asked Sacha Sorrentino, nutritionist biologist, how to do it.

WHAT TO ELIMINATE – Let’s start from unnecessary liquid calories: alcohol, juice or carbonated drinks. The first step is to avoid sugary drinks that increase insulin production and visceral fat. We eliminate refined products, rice, 00 flour, white sugars, responsible for excessively stimulating insulin. For a couple of weeks, in case of an aperitif with our friends, instead of wine and spirits, let’s indulge in blueberry or pomegranate juice, excellent for its properties draining and diureticis. And instead of pizza and pretzels, a healthy pinzimonio diverdure fresh and colorful, a quasi zero calorie.

WHAT TO KEEP – Very useful celery, fennel, cucumber for use with chia or pumpkin seeds to complete our super salads. Also the excellent kefir in the morning, as breakfast: i probiotics present inside, they help regularize our intestinal transit and keep us deflated.

WHAT TO PRIVILEGE – Whole grains, especially for lunch, to be accompanied with a simple tomato sauce, or with seasonal vegetables, avoiding the combination with pumpkin, carrot and potato in order not to overload the intake of sugars. Prefer fish to meat, rich in omega 3 and lean proteins.

I PAST – Let’s divide them into 5 moments. We prefer and carbohydrates in the first part of the day and the protein in the evening. For breakfast instead we take healthy lean proteins: low-fat Greek yogurt, egg white cooked in a pan accompanying them to gods Red fruits as a source of sugars and a portion of flax or sunflower seeds to complete our portion of fats. In the afternoon do not forget the snack, not to slow down our metabolism: a portion recommended 15 grams of dried fruit of your choice with a fennel or a cucumber.

MORNING SPICES – Cocoa or cinnamon for breakfast, in yogurt or as an accompaniment to our egg whites crepes. Ginger, mint or chilli pepper can can be used to flavor dishes and limit salt intake, which can increase water retention.

WATER – 1 liter and a half, 2 per day can be enough: an excess of fluids is not healthy for the body. Remember that we can also take liquids through food during the day.

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