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Ilze Dobele joined the staff of the Latvian Television (LTV) News Service very recently – at the beginning of 2020. Back then in a conversation with the portal LSM.lv she acknowledged that the role of news on public service television was particularly important, as it was closely linked to media confidence in crisis situations. Then Ilze probably didn’t think that her words would come true so soon and the crisis would really come. Becoming the head of Panorama shortly before the Covid-19 crisis, she received many good words from viewers, and they certainly strengthened during the emergency, when journalists had a lot of work to do.

In a conversation with Ilze about how she has felt, what news means to her and what news has in common with ceramics.

Felt in

During the emergency, the staff of the News Service worked in divided teams – the big one openoffice, which is usually busy, was almost empty, journalists worked from different parts of the ATV building and worked so that their roads do not cross unnecessarily on a daily basis.

“The unusual situation we have all experienced may have distracted me from getting to know all my colleagues equally well,” Ilze admits. However, there has clearly not been time to grieve about it, and it is certainly possible to recover the delay. The moderator was very pleasantly surprised by her main job – “Panorama” studio: “I feel very good in” Panorama “studio. How close the camera is to you as a speaker is really important when making contact with the audience. Because this one camera is actually a symbol for all the spectators who are being addressed at that moment. The feeling that they are so close to me was very pleasant, ”Ilze is happy.

In her work, she has two, so to speak, favorite moments – when the show starts and when the show ends. Ilze really likes the feeling that arises when addressing the audience, as well as saying goodbye to the audience. Why is it a good feeling at the end of the show as well? Because Ilze carefully follows her performance and at the end of the show she weighs – whether everything she has done today has been done as planned: “If there is this feeling that everything came out as planned today, then it is a very pleasant feeling. ”

” It may sound funny, but I don’t think it’s possible to focus on anything at all for a long time. You have to be very dynamic and you have to be very ready to adapt to any situation. It is also difficult or unpleasant when there is some ignorance about something. As soon as it is clear which issues are in the focus of this news, how we present it, who should be there, who should not be there – it immediately changes the sound of the message, ”Ilze answers, asked about the most unpleasant challenges of professional life.

News as a path to growth

Photo: Ģirts Raģelis

Ilze Dobele in June 2020

“The news is not just a dry story. The news is that I live with me, ”concludes Ilze, and this can also be felt during our conversation. She is very concerned that people not only hear, but also listen and understand the news. “In a way, I really see it as my mission – to invite people to think about events, draw conclusions and act accordingly. Because, perhaps, this is when this news will be more gratifying, more productive, more valuable not only for each individual, but for society and the country as a whole, ”the moderator is convinced. Now more than ever, it is important to explain what is news, what is fake news, how to navigate the endless stream of information and how not to get confused.

“It’s a bit absurd, in my opinion, to think that when people hear negative news, they ask – when you stop talking negative news, say something positive! And when there is something positive, people are frustrated and say – what do you tell us about the good and the good? There is a lot of negative news, why don’t you tell us what is wrong so that it can finally be resolved? ” These views show that people do not always understand the process of news production and why one issue gets on the media agenda, but another does not.

“I want to say that the news does not come from someone’s own initiative. News comes from events. And no matter what has happened, it is our job to announce it as it has happened. Without embellishing, ”explains Ilze. Also worrying is the habit of looking harsh in the eyes of others. “I really want viewers to trust the news and critique not only other actions, but also their own. Because I have always thought – because we will be more responsible to each other in society, because definitely many processes will be more positive, more mutually supportive, ”the presenter is convinced.

Ilze believes that people’s reaction to news, the ability to see themselves in events and understand how developments affect their lives is an extremely important aspect – it shows how we perceive life and whether we are able to learn from our mistakes.

“News, however, is a tool that allows a person to critically evaluate the course of events and think along,” Ilze points out.

“When I think about who our viewer is, I think it’s an attentive viewer who listens, who follows the news, events and definitely, he definitely hears the most important thing we want to say, it’s always quiet for me. hope, ”smiles Ilze. Of course, it is clear to her that the audience does not sit with 100% tense attention on the screens, but she has her own kniffs that make her hear Ilze say: “In my time I was taught to address the audience so that he can and is able to follow the voice if he is not directly on the television screen. ” It involves logical analysis of the text, which is one of the basic tasks for any text to be understandable: “I have tested it while listening to other moderators, and I can only hope that I [skatītājus] I also reached in the kitchen or in another room. ”

What do pottery have in common with news?

Photo: Ģirts Raģelis

Ilze Dobele

“Once in my childhood, in the first letter I had to write about what I wanted to become, I had written that I wanted to become a potter,” Ilze reveals. Through laughter, she sees parallels with her profession: “Every day I create something by creating different forms of news programs, I choose different glazes …” However, seriously, a few years ago Ilze really started it as her hobby. It’s a creative process from start to finish – you can predict, but you can’t fully know what your performance will look like. ”In a way, it’s interesting here in television as well – no matter how we always calculate everything, arrange and predict everything, every time there may be a moment of chance that touches and makes everything different, ”says the moderator.


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