World 'I admit it': Golden State Killer confesses (VIDEO)

‘I admit it’: Golden State Killer confesses (VIDEO)


Joseph James DeAngelo, 74, who has become known as the Golden State Killer, has made a confession to a court in Sacramento, California, saying he murdered at least 13 people and committed at least 50 rapes and other crimes, all in the state of California.

Vietnam veteran

Through the confession of guilt, he prevents the prosecutor from demanding the death penalty against him. DeAngelo is a Vietnam veteran and former police officer. From 1975 he committed murders, robberies, and other violent crimes for years. Especially women who were alone or with children were victims. When not arrested, he was known by several nicknames, such as East Area Rapist (near Sacremento) and Original Night Stalker, in Southern California.

Later he also killed couples, sometimes playing power games with them. Often he tied up the victims to mistreat or murder them.

In 2018, investigators linked the murders in Northern and Southern California. A DNA match was also demonstrated with DNA found at a crime scene, through a genealogy data website with DNA extracted from DeAngelo’s car.


DeAngelo has said a lot about an alter ego called “Jerry” who would be in his head and have given him assignments. At one point, he managed to “send Jerry” away and managed to live a calmer and normal life. The public prosecutor takes the position that DeAngelo pretends to have had a split personality.

On Monday it was discussed that a whole series of victims stated that the perpetrator had a small penis. Justice makes that part of the evidence. The process will be completed later in the summer. It is almost certain that DeAngelo will remain imprisoned for the rest of his life because of a life sentence.

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