Health Healthy Living Culture Becomes 'Commander' Prevents Covid-19 Infection

Healthy Living Culture Becomes ‘Commander’ Prevents Covid-19 Infection


Like it or not, now everyone must coexist with Covid-19.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Culture of healthy living and strengthening the body’s immune system is considered to be a “commander” in preventing viral infections, including a new type of corona virus that is still raging today. Chairman of the Indonesian Emergency Doctors Association (PDEI) Dr. Moh Adib Khumaidi, Sp.OT said that like it or not, now everyone must coexist with Covid-19.

To do this, everyone must have an awareness of a healthy lifestyle and change the health landscape. “In a pandemic condition, health becomes the commander. Awareness of the culture of healthy living is a must,” Adib said in a virtual seminar titled ‘Resilient to Face New Normal with H2 Cordyceps’ in Jakarta, Tuesday (1/7).

He said in the new normal times, everyone needs to have a strategy to maintain their health. One of them, by maintaining endurance and implementing health protocols for prevention of Covid-19 transmission. “After all the community at least secures itself, its close people, their families and their colleagues,” he said.

Adib said, health protocol is something that is common in the face of a pandemic. Communities are encouraged to be able to adapt to anticipate conditions due to infectious diseases. Until now, it has not been comprehensively understood about the characteristics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Vaccines to prevent infection with the virus and specific drugs Covid-19 have also not been found.

Therefore, the community must have and build the same perception, which prioritizes preventive measures, including wearing masks, keeping a minimum distance of one meter from other people, and maintaining a clean and healthy life behavior. Other efforts include frequent hand washing and not touching the face if the hands are not clean.

“Don’t forget to get enough rest, don’t smoke, eat nutritious foods, and take additional supplements or vitamins if necessary,” Adib said.

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