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Groom Gives Dead 2 Days After Marriage, 95 Positive Guests Covid 19 Pages all


PATNA, – As many as 95 guests in India were reported to have been sexually affected by Covid-19, with the groom dying two days after marriage.

The 30-year-old man is said to suffer from the symptoms of the corona virus, and his condition declined when he married in the village of Paliganj, near Patna.

The 30-year-old unnamed man died two days after marriage, with his body cremated immediately without first being tested.

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As soon as the local government was notified of the incident, they immediately held an inspection of a close relative of the bride and groom.

The results are as reported India Today Tuesday (6/30/2020), 15 people who attended the ceremony on June 15 tested positive for Covid-19.

Patna’s government immediately carried out tracing. Until Monday (6/29/2020), 80 other people were confirmed corona virus, so that the total cases reached 95 people.

Reported Daily Mirror, 95 corona confirmations became the first mass distribution recorded in the State of Bihar.

Sources from the police revealed that the groom, who is a software engineer, returned to his village in Deehpali on May 12.

While in his house, the man was said to suffer symptoms similar to the corona virus. But, his family still forced marriage to go on.

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Two days after the wedding, which took place on June 15, his condition worsened and he died while being taken to the hospital.

The Patna government said there were massive violations by the bride’s family, even though the victim had shown symptoms.

One of them, the ceremony violated the rules about social distancing and also the prohibition of holding a meeting of more than 50 people.

In another event that occurred in India, the groom’s grandfather died and 14 positive guests Covid-19 after a party at the Bhilwara.

The Rajasthan State Government ordered the bride’s father to pay a fee of 6,800 pounds for quarantine and medical facilities.

The district court also stated that all other expenses in the future would be taken from the bride as punishment.

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