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Geneva Motor Show 2021 canceled! The reason is finance


The management of the car show has officially confirmed that we will not see another one after the cancellation of this year. This is due to the echoes of the coronavirus pandemic.

Just a few tens of hours before the gates of the Geneva Motor Show opened, word came from Switzerland that this year would not take place due to measures related to the coronavirus pandemic. At that time, the local government banned public events for more than a thousand people, and it was clear that such conditions were precluded with the organization of the largest European car show.

The organizers were not very positive at the time of the following year. They knew that the cancellation of the huge event, the preparations for which were already in full swing, would be extremely difficult for the leadership of the Geneva Motor Show. And now it has been officially confirmed.

The highest representatives of the car show stated that the prestigious GIMS exhibition will not be held next year either. The official press release states that there are several reasons. Apart from the financial ones, it is also the fact that the carmakers themselves do not rush to the fairgrounds. “Most exhibitors in the survey said they would probably not attend the car show in 2021 and would rather have a car show a year later.”

The organizers remind that the automotive industry is currently going through a difficult phase and that exhibitors need time to deal with the consequences of the pandemic. In addition, the representatives of the car show do not believe that the event will attract more than 600,000 visitors and 10,000 journalists in the spring of next year for health and other reasons, as was the case in previous years.

Shortly after the cancellation of the Geneva 2020 Motor Show, the organizers asked the Geneva authorities for a financial injection. Preliminarily, the damage caused by the cancellation of the event at the last minute was estimated at 11 million Swiss francs, which is over 275 million crowns. In the end, the loan of 16.8 million francs (421 million crowns) was approved, but even that did not convince the organizers.

The terms of the loan stated that the event must take place in 2021 and at the same time the organizers are obliged to repay the first million francs by June 2021, which is unacceptable for the organizers. Therefore, the loan was not accepted in the end. Further details are to be found out today at 2.30 pm, when a press conference with leading representatives of the motor show begins at the Palexpo congress center. You can watch it live below:



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