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Fortnite, chapter 2, season 3: the flaming pistol, our complete guide to the new weapon – news


For this new season, Fortnite seems ready to set off on a rhythm of one outing of weapon or object per week. Indeed, with today’s patch, it is the flaming pistol which has just appeared. So let’s see what it’s really worth.

What is the flaming gun?

If you were attentive to the different trailers and teasers of this season of Fortnite, the flaming pistol is not frankly unknown to you. Indeed, we had already seen a box where his English name was mentioned (flare gun) in one of these.

But this time, it is indeed added to the game the opportunity to really look into it. The first thing to see is that it is a weapon having only a magazine of a bullet and that it takes 1.6 second to charge it. Better not to miss it.

Fortnite, Chapter 2, Season 3: The Flaming Gun, Our Complete Guide to the New Weapon

Good damage

The first use of the flaming gun will be to use it like a rocket launcher. Indeed, if you detonate the projectile at the foot of the opponent, it will take explosion damage which according to our first estimates is around 60 PV.

But, the damage does not stop there. Indeed, for a few seconds, the projectile will ignite an area around the impact which will deal around 10 additional damage per second to players. As you can see, it will often not be deadly, but you will still do a lot of damage.

Fortnite, Chapter 2, Season 3: The Flaming Gun, Our Complete Guide to the New Weapon

Valuable information

However, what appears to be the true strength of this flaming pistol is not to be found in its ability to inflict damage. Indeed, if you shoot in the air, you will observe that this weapon has a second effect, to reveal the surrounding area.

Be careful though, the distress rocket remains in the air for some time and will therefore indicate your approximate position to all players around and seeing it. So think carefully before using it this way.

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