World First Night Ends Tragically, This Woman Killed Because Her...

First Night Ends Tragically, This Woman Killed Because Her Husband Kissed the Neck Brutally


SERAMBINEWS.COM – The story of the first night of the bride in China actually tragic fruit.

China Press reported on Monday (6/24/2019), the bride was killed on the first night.

He died because of the carelessness of her husband.

On the first night, the groom immediately invited the bride to go to the bridal chamber.

Then, the bridegroom kisses the woman’s neck, but the woman instantly becomes pale, her body weak, her heartbeat weakened, until she finally dies.


Illustration of marriage (

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According to the Health Times, the bridal couple from Lengshuijiang City, Hunan, China kissed brutally.

He kisses her woman’s neck, and makes her heartbeat stop and difficulty breathing.

After the incident, the groom immediately sent his partner to the Chengdu Hospital, for treatment.

After that the doctor diagnosed, that the man pressed the carotid sinus lock on the neck of the bride while kissing.


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