Entertainment Ewa Minge did a facial treatment. She showed...

Ewa Minge did a facial treatment. She showed drastic photos on Instagram


Ewa Minge has accustomed recipients to the original appearance and style of being. The fashion designer is very active professionally and on Instagram, where she comments on the most famous events from the country and the world, and also shares private thoughts and charms of everyday life.

Ewa Minge has been openly saying for some time that she is “rebuilding her face”. From her instagram profile we learn that work on improving the appearance is still ongoing. Recently, the designer shared several photos from the clinic, where she underwent a few helpful cosmetic procedures.

Ewa Minge wrote on Instagram:

Ewa Minge rebuilds her face

The designer admitted that only after the suggestion of a specialist decided to do something with the hanging skin of the face, because she has not bothered her so far. To improve her appearance, she underwent a number of cosmetic treatments, such as laser treatment, mesotherapy whether mandibular volumetry.

How much do you have to pay for such pleasure? According to the price list of the clinic, which services was used by Ewa Minge, herself laser treatment costs from 150 PLN to 850 PLN, depending on the part of the face. Needle mesotherapy also costs a little – for 2 ml of specialist fluid you have to pay from 650 zlotys to even 2400 zlotys. A correction of the jaw costs from 2,000. PLN up to 4 thousand bad strengthening the chin with threads is another 1500 PLN.

The rest of the article can be found under the video:

Ewa Minge was happy with the effects, which she expressed on Instagram:

We believe that Ewa Minge will soon have her dream face.

Pictures of Ewa Minge from the procedure can be seen below:

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