Health Ebola epidemic finally ended in northeastern Congo

Ebola epidemic finally ended in northeastern Congo


After 3,500 2,280 infections and XNUMX XNUMX deaths, the Ebola epidemic has finally ended in north-eastern Congo

A tweet from the World Health Organization (WHO), “Congratulations to the Congolese government and its citizens for this victory against one of the longest and deadliest epidemics in history”. The Ebola epidemic has been finally defeated in the Congo.

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Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Ebola epidemic in Africa

The epidemic was declared in the northeast regions of the country in August 2018. These regions are not too far from the states of Rwanda and Uganda, which is why they have been affected by the same virus.

Ebola, the Ministry of Health in Congo and its budget

According to the budget of the Ministry of Health, 3,463 3,317 contagions were recorded (including 146 2,280 confirmed and 1,171 probable), 42 XNUMX deaths and XNUMX XNUMX survivors. Health authorities had to wait XNUMX consecutive days for new zero cases to announce the end of Ebola in the Congo.

In Congo, the interventions of international organizations, which supported the initiatives of local authorities, and the use of two vaccines on an experimental basis, one of which was ultimately proclaimed effective and available on the market, made it possible to contain the virus. In recent weeks, however, another outbreak of Ebola has been identified in the west of the country, in the province of Equateur.


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