Entertainment Dragon Ball: Goku and Bulma's “first commercial” published in...

Dragon Ball: Goku and Bulma’s “first commercial” published in Japan Anime


How long has it been! A clip shared on Twitter is viral, remembering millions of followers of Dragon Ball the transmission of the first episode of Goku and Bulma on Japanese television in 1986.

The video shared by @BradyHartel shows some scenes from the first chapter of Dragon Ball called “Bulma and Son Goku”. The images show the meeting of Goku and Bulma, a key moment for the beginning of the search for the dragon balls.

According to @BradyHartel, promoting the first chapter of Dragon Ball aired after the last episode of Dr. Slump in Japan. The reissue was made with HD material from the DVD and a capture of the video for reference. It is not the original, but it is very similar to the beginning of this saga.

In the first chapter of Dragon Ball, Son Goku is presented as an orphan, but very strong boy who lives on Paoz Mountain. Bulma, a 16-year-old teenager, runs him over while driving around the area.

Bulma tells Goku that she is looking for the dragon balls, that when collected they can make a wish to the god Shen Long. Goku reveals that his Goku grandfather gave him the four-star sphere before he died.

So they both join forces and enlist in the adventure of collecting all of the dragon balls using a radar invented by Bulma.

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