Business Dominique Leroy arranges insider trading

Dominique Leroy arranges insider trading


Former Proximus CEO Dominique Leroy has signed a € 107,000 deal with the public prosecutor’s office to end the inside information case for which she was suspected. Market watchdog FSMA reports this in a press release.

Buying off a possible prosecution would cost Leroy EUR 107,841.01, exchange watchdog FSMA reports in a press release. The settlement has yet to be ratified by the Brussels council chamber. That would happen on July 15, reports L’Echo in The time who first reported the settlement news.

Proximus shares

Shortly after she announced her departure as CEO from the telecom company Proximus, in September last year, it became known that Dominique Leroy had sold a package of Proximus shares worth EUR 285,000 a month earlier. She would have made a personal profit of less than 6,000 euros on that sale.

The striking timing of that transaction made FSMA decide to open an investigation. The Brussels court also did that. Almost immediately after the investigation was opened, searches were conducted at Proximus headquarters and Leroy’s private home.

The commotion about the sale of shares made Dutch telecom company KPN, which Leroy wanted to bring in as new CEO, to refrain from that transfer.

Leroy always maintained her innocence.



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