World Dismissal of half of the employees of the Kiev...

Dismissal of half of the employees of the Kiev airport


On Tuesday, Kyjiw International Airport (formerly Zhulany) announced that it would need to dismiss half of its staff to save itself from bankruptcy. Despite appeals to the authorities, the airport did not receive support in the era of coronary crisis.

“The international airport is starting a gradual reduction of employees against the background of the deep crisis in the airline industry due to a coronavirus pandemic causing a sharp decline in flights and a decrease in passenger flow,” read a press release published on the airport’s website Tuesday. The port complains about the lack of response and help from the government and ministry to which the industry is subject.

As we read in a press release published on Tuesday, there are a total of nearly 2,000 people working at the airport. persons, and in related enterprises – approx. 8 thousand

– We forecast a slow recovery in demand for flights and we expect to return to the level from before quarantine in a few years. By itself, the capital airport will not survive without state aid. Unfortunately, we will be forced to slow down 50 percent personnel, including highly qualified specialists from the industry – said Olev Łewczenko, general director of the port manager – Master-Awia.

It was emphasized that Kyjiw is the second airport in Ukraine in terms of passenger numbers. Annually, it serves around 3 million passengers and 30,000 cruises.


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