Entertainment “Dark” on Netflix, the German series that has everything...

“Dark” on Netflix, the German series that has everything of a great


This June 27, Netflix released the third and final season of Dark. This German series on free will is one of the most popular programs on its platform. Here’s what the German press thinks.

How much Martha is there in Dark ? If even Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, the creators of the Netflix series, are unable to give a clear answer, imagine the complexity for the viewer! Interviewed by the German weekly The time, the duo says there are four young Martha: “There is Martha A, from world A. There is Martha B1, from world B, but also Martha B2 et Martha B3.” Although another count is possible: “We can also calculate that there are three Martha, Martha B1 subdividing in B2 and B3. ”

Are you lost? Welcome to Winden, a small, isolated German town in the middle of the woods. A fictional village that has the attire of a chimera, notes The mirror : “You never see it as a whole : only a few houses, the school, the forest, the towers of the neighboring nuclear power plant. ” The decor is dismal. “The pine forest is soggy with the incessant rain, it is mostly cold and dark. The birds fall from the sky, dead, and the sheep burst in the meadows ”, continues the weekly.

Time travel and knots in the brain

The places seem lifeless, plagued by boredom, but that is only an illusion. By mixing motifs borrowed from Grimm’s tales and black romanticism, but also from the work of Steven Spielberg and David Lynch, Jantje Friese (in the script) and Baran bo Odar (in the production) have composed a “Universe spatially narrow, but that time travel makes gigantic and complex”, falls The daily newspaper.

The universe of Darkunfolds to the extent of the existential anguish that grips the characters. We haven’t grown up at the base of a nuclear power plant for generations without feeling that the apocalypse is lying in wait. The protagonists travel in time to prevent the inevitable and to protect themselves and their loved ones. The first two seasons had seen them cross the ages, to meet younger or older versions of themselves, and try to change the course


Marie Béloeil


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