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Danny Murphy Refuses Manchester City’s “Guard Of Honor” Honor To Liverpool


Murphy doesn’t believe that midfielder De Bruyne will wholeheartedly sign a player who is one or two levels below him.

Former Liverpool midfielder, Danny Murphy, made a controversial statement related to the honor of “Guard Of Honor” that will be done by Manchester City to Liverpool.

Liverpool certainly won the English Premier League 2019/2020 season after Man City defeated Chelsea 2-1 last week.

These results make the Reds 23 points ahead and can not be overtaken again in the remaining seven matches of Man City, who finished second.

Nearby, Liverpool will face Man City in the 32nd week at the Etihad Stadium on Monday (3/7) early morning hrs.

Previously, Man City manager Pep Guardiola had also said that his players would uphold the tradition by forming fences and applauding when Liverpool players entered the field.

“That is the perception of respect, ‘the right thing to do’, the message you are trying to send to the world of football that when there is a winner, you will show respect,” Murphy said Talksport, Tuesday (6/30).

“Man City will do it will show humility, and recognize the greatness and appreciation for the quality of Liverpool. I think this is nonsense. “

“I don’t know where it started and why it started, I will feel uncomfortable doing it. I will do it because you have to do it, but I don’t want to do it, because it won’t be done sincerely.”

“If I am a Liverpool and Manchester United player who wins the league, you know they are better than you, you respect that and you try your best to be like them, from that alone it is enough to know that you value them.”

“The fans don’t want you to do it, the players don’t really want to do it, it’s all just for the gimic and it doesn’t mean anything,” he added.

Murphy added that the collective respect movement was deemed unsuitable given the quality of Man City midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne.

De Bruyne is indeed enjoying one of his best seasons at Man City. He became a key figure for goals and assist The Citizens this season.

“De Bruyne is the best midfielder, maybe in the world,” Murphy said.

“Then he will applaud and give respect to players who cannot even reach their level.”

“If I win it and walk there, I will feel awkward. I feel uncomfortable.”

“I understand why the procession was carried out, because it was to give a message [sportivitas] appropriate to those watching. ”

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“However, I still do not understand the point,” he concluded.

As reported by a number of British media, it is not yet known how the technical procession “Guard of Honor” in this corona pandemic situation.

Understandably, social distance rules should apply. Especially after the “restart”, the two competing teams are required to come out of different lanes.



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