Entertainment Danna García assures that her son does not recognize...

Danna García assures that her son does not recognize her


Through her Twitter account, the Colombian actress shared the message, which she later deleted.

Today seeing my boy on camera they ask him to send a kiss to his mother and he asks them pointing out “this mom?”. Children forget quickly, those of us who surround them are the ones who have to make our memory unforgettable. My mom life in isolation“He wrote on May 20.

Although Danna deleted the tweet, it was her followers who filled her with messages of encouragement and asked her not to give up.

Danna García talks about her son

This is not the first time that Danna talks about her current relationship with her son, she did it a few days ago when she explained that at first she cried when she saw her.

My son has gone through all the stages. For the children this is very hard, at first I cried when he saw me, so they couldn’t teach me … Then he started in the ‘Mum no’ stage, don’t put on Mom, he doesn’t want to see her, he’s mad at me“He said at the time.

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